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AXA Clear Lights

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Product Description

The Clear is an universal headlight which fits many bikes. The nice oval shape with the out centred retro reflector distinguishes this lights from other lights in this segment.

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Clear coat on frame slightly cloudy????

Hi everyone, Not sure if this belongs here or in the vintage forum. I bought a Bridgestone Radac off a guy from craigslist recently. I'm going to rebuild it back to a ridable state. The bike was incredibly dirty and not very well maintained. I have always washed my bikes with simple green and neve ... Read More »

What are most (all?) major manufacturers using to paint/clear their frames?

Is there anything "special" about the paint or clear coat that most manufacturers use on their carbon frames? Anything that would keep us from using car care products - waxes, polishes, etc. on the frame and fork? I'm not too worried about UV fade... but a lot of the newer car paint treatments p ... Read More »

Eliminating hunger on a clear liquid diet?

Is it possible to eat/drink enough broth, jello, and cane sugar Coca-Cola to avoid hunger on a clear liquid diet?Read More »

2012 CAAD 10 Corrosion/Clear Coat Crack

[ATTACH]296244[/ATTACH][ATTACH]296245[/ATTACH] I noticed some odd corrosion/cracking on the rear cable guide on my CAAD10. Should I be worried?Read More »

Does anyone use a TRP CX9 mini-V with a fender? Does it clear it?

So the LBS will order the TRP CX9 mini-v but they won't accept a return if it doesn't clear the fender. I could order online from the US but returning it costs a fair bit. I have a CaadX with 35mm tires and full fenders and I want to change the cantis to CX9's. Does anyone have CX9's that c ... Read More »

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