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AXA Go Lights

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Product Description

The mudguard mounted Go is especially developed to fit retro or classic bikes. A strong mix between the classic way of mounting and a modern look and feel.

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Does carbon shoes go soft over time?

I read that those Fibreglass reinforced nylon soles go soft over time or repetitive uses. Does Carbon sole shoes go soft over time too?Read More »

Anyone go from a 2008 (or earlier) Roubaix to a Tarmac?

Anyone go from a 2008 (or earlier) Roubaix Expert to a Tarmac? If so: 1) Were you happy with your decision? 2) Were you any faster on the climbs, flats, or downhills? I am thinking about getting a new 2015 Tarmac, however I am hesitant to buy if I am not getting at least .2 mph improvement. ... Read More »

Anyone make the knot their weekly go-to ride.

I've been doing Blauvelt around once a week all year. I think it's awesome with two great approaches in my book, Clausland, Tweed to Bradley or Tweed to Bradley. Of course some do a real knot and hit it all four ways. Anyone as drawn to this area as me for cycling?Read More »

Go Pro Hero 3plus Multi language support

Looking at buying a GoPro hero 3+ but it's for sale in Japan I can read Japanese but my nephew can't. Do the GoPros have multi language settings? I just read the manual quickly and couldn't find if they do or not. Any real users able to help? Thanks in advance KSRead More »

What is that creak, and why won't it go away?

It's more of a tick. It's most notable when I'm out of the saddle, and when I am it comes with each turn of the cranks. When I'm seated and pedaling hard, it is more of an intermittent noise. The bike is a 2014 Cervelo S3. It's been in the shop recently to have them take a real close look at. The ... Read More »

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