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AXA Spot Lights

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Product Description

The Spot is based on existing and proven techniques, but is very up to date because of its design. The headlight has a halogen bulb and generates 10 lux light output. A small housing of only 55 mm diameter makes sure the headlight looks slim and therefore very attractive for sportive bikes. The firm steel bracket is suitable for many road types.

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Hot Spot?

Fairly newbie and went clipless about three months ago. Everything was fine for quite a while until about a month ago. Now, it seems that after about fifteen miles, I start to develop a hot spot on the outside of little toe. At about 22 to 23 miles that peckerwood is starting to hurt real good. ... Read More »

Can you spot snakebite potential here?

Have a go - [url=http://www.wimp.com/roadbike/]Vittorio Brumotti road bike freestyle. [VIDEO][/url]Read More »

Rust spot on otherwise good frame

Hey guys, new to the forum. Lots of great stuff happening here. I just got a new Fuji Espree. Yes, I know, entry level, etc but overall this is a very comfortable ride that suits me well. I noticed that I've got a rust spot developing and I don't think it's gone through given that i can see still so ... Read More »

Roubaix frame cost/benefit sweet-spot

what is the sweet spot for quality/performance vs. cost on the different SL4 roubaix frames? i.e. sport vs. elite vs. expert vs. pro. what are the main differences? are the differences mostly about weight? if i don't care about weight are there discernible difference b/w the different frames ... Read More »

I have to admit, this guy's impression of Mark Wahlberg is pretty spot-on!

Hilarious!: [url=http://www.waitwaitwhat.com/2014/04/mark-wahlberg-does-stuff-around-house.html]Mark Wahlberg does stuff around the house[/url] :lol:Read More »

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