Ay Up Ultra Lite Lights

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The lightest waterproof high powered LED light on the planet and to power the light the Ay Up range of batteries are the lightest waterproof rechargeable batteries on the market today.

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Ultra lite lock - invention needed.

Hi all, after doing a hilly ride and then stopping at a bakery the thought came to mind it sure would be nice to have an ultra lite lock to secure the bike while I go inside to get some goodies. What I was thinking was a plastic electric alarm/lock with a thin cable just strong enough to prevent ... Read More »

Dean Ti Ultra-Lite seat post issue

I received a custom Dean Ti Ultra-Lite seat post today and was very unhappy when I first laid eyes on it. There's a big grinding/machining mark on the top of the post, and there's discoloration (brown, and dark blue/purple -- contamination?) on the welds in two areas. The general finishing seems v ... Read More »

Ultra lite tube success anyone?

Has anyone got any success with any brand of light tube? I have some IRD Microlite Race tubes that weigh 50g each. Are they any good? I'd like more light tubes but have no idea of brand. Any suggestions?Read More »

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