Blackburn Click Rear Lights

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Blackburn Click Taillight is easy to install and use. Simply wrap the rubber strap around a bar or post, and tap the lens to fire up the two superbright LED's. Fast, easy to use, bright, and reliable.

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Click or creak from rear of bike

My bike has an intermittent click or creak coming from the rear of the bike. The LBS checked the bike over and overhauled the bb and the rear hub, lubed the spokes where they cross, and checked out the pedals, seat post, and the usual other suspects. When all the above work was completed, the bike ... Read More »

Click from rear only when actually on the bike

Giant defy composite. Only clicks when I am riding, not when stationary. I don't have turbo trainer to source issue. Have removed and retightened QR. Removed and tightened valve lock nut. It clicks when freewheeling. When cycling if I lean bike to left under me click goes away. Also after abou ... Read More »

Campy Shamal Rear Hub Click

Here is the situation: I purchased a set of Shamals and installed with my existing cassette and chain. The cassette and chain were installed new together approximately 1,000 miles prior to the Shamals. I have logged about 300 miles on the Shamals and occasionally get a single click coming from the c ... Read More »

click in rear wheel

One of my bikes is making a rhythmic clicking sound that appears to come from the rear wheel. It makes the sound whether you are pedaling or not, and the clicks get more frequent as you speed up, which is why I think it is coming from the wheel. The wheels are Open Pros with Ultegra hubs, about ... Read More »

Dura-Ace Rear Hub: Pulsating Click

Hi All, I just purchased a new wheels: Mavic Open Pro with Dura-Ace hubs, and I right away I noticed that the freehub is making a pulsating click, and not the steady click I'm used to hearing from other wheels. Is this something to be concerned about? Has anyone else experienced this as well? ... Read More »

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