CatEye Solar Lights

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The CatEye Solar Front SL-LD210 is a motion sensor front bicycle light. The light features a 5mm LED that automatically turns on and flashes when motion and darkness is censored. The lights flashing mode can last up to 5 hrs on a full charge and ensures

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SOLAR POWER: Why the Tea Party supports it

The big electricity companies and the Koch brothers are fighting to make it more expensive for homeowners to install solar panels on their rooftops. The utilities fear that home solar is nearing a tipping point where "as more and more solar power-producing homes pay less and less each month, the co ... Read More »

Solar cell phone charger?

Hey all... Noob here... I'm a one-time avid cyclist 20+ years ago trying to get myself (and my son) back into riding. We've signed up for a week long organized ride where you bike, camp, bike, camp, etc... In the old days, we just took our maps, stuck 'em in our map windows, and got on our bike ... Read More »

Solar Flares

What's the deal? Should I be concerned? Seems to be a lot of "end of world" talk, and while I think it's bafoonery, the topic of solar flares always seems to crop up. The other day I couldn't get any radio station to come on, which is weird given where I live, and I was wondering if it were solar ... Read More »

Solar Bag - Walter filtration as you ride

This has popped up at [url=]Gizmag; it is called a Solar Bag[/url]. It looks like it could be option for bicycle touring. [quote]However, while PET bottles can usually only purify up to three liters per every six hours of sunlight, the Solar Ba ... Read More »

Solar arm sleeves

I need better protection than I can get from sunscreen. I tried sun sleeves last year and found them very hot. I dont remember the brand. The day was over 100, so it was rough anyway. As I said, I need more protection, so I was hoping someone here could tell me what ones they have tried and how they ... Read More »

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