Exposure Lights Sirius Lights

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Exposure Lights produces high quality cycling lights, made from superior materials and expert craftsmanship. With an output of 360 lumens, the Sirius gives more than enough light to navigate the darkest city streets, whilst the pulsing m...

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Canceled Sirius radio my best thing all week.

So iv been meaning to cancel the saetllite radio for the car forever now. Finally today the notion came around again and after much delay I took action. It was a win I haven't used the radio in about a year since I got Rhapsody to go on my phone I plug that into the car and listen to any album I ple ... Read More »

Sirius thread: post pictures of your adopted dog star

Woof, woof [IMG]http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ77Lv8dqKW9OoIsUMbjYzy5_KoXctWssV5PrBdEPsF5IjxciZC[/IMG]Read More »

Cancelling my Sirius Satellite radio subscription today.

After 5 years of being a steady subscriber, I've finally had enough of uncensored, protected, speech. [url]http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D97IC3TO0&show_article=1[/url] Making comments about a 16 year old girl, no matter how famous and annoying she might be, is out of line. I'd like ... Read More »

Anyone here have Sirius Radio?

I am considering getting Sirius but as with all subscription services I am having trouble committing. So I have a few questions before jumping in: 1- If I get a radio and it dies, can I transfer my paid subscription to a new radio? 2- If I buy a radio on Amazon, how do I activate it? Are those o ... Read More »

XM/Sirius Merger Approved? Is this fair?

I heard that the merger was approved by the Justice Department. They said it wouldn't create any unfair advantage against the competition. I though they were the only 2 satelite radio companies out there. Sounds a lot like Exxon/Mobil merger to me... not great for the consumers but maybe I'm wron ... Read More »

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