Exposure Lights Six Pack Lights

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Exposure Lights refreshed the Six pack for 2013. The Six Pack is even more ripped this year. It is now 75 grams leaner but still puts out 2000 lumens, which is 10% brighter than last year. The Six Pack MK3 has the largest battery in Expo...

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And now a message from Joe Six Pack...

Hello, my name is joe six pack and I am one piassed off mother! I have been completly forgotten, usurped and undermined by a "joey" come lately by the name of Joe the Plumber. Well I ask YOU...Joe T. Plumber (if that is really your name). Where were you when Palin was gettin' all Mavericky and w ... Read More »

Women with Six-pack Abs

Are six-pack abs on a woman attractive or not? I saw a woman running with a six-pack (not in her hand). She was obviously fit, but had flab hanging off her arms and legs. Her fit abs made no sense. It was gross. Should I go through all the trouble to condition my core to that level? My body already ... Read More »

Six Pack Barrier Movie

A nasty section ... [url]http://www.hoyerfamily.com/cross/pir_6_pack.avi[/url]Read More »

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