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Knog Beetle Lights

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MSRP : $4.99

Product Description

The Beetle features a powerful red LED and Knog's signature silicon body with an integrated wrap and hook enclosure system. 2 modes: steady and flashing (fast, slow, and "police") 30 x 42 x 40mm 25 hours of constant light and 130 hour...

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Bikewagon Carbon cages for $12 and free Knog Beetle on all orders

I needed a couple cages and saw these mandible style knockoff cages for only $12 each [url=http://www.bikewagon.com/closeouts/accessories/super-light-carbon-fiber-water-bottle-cage-black]Super Light Carbon Fiber Bike Water Bottle Cage Black 25 grams - Accessories - Closeouts - Bikewagon[/url] [img] ... Read More »

ANyone own a "new Beetle"

We're looking at a new econo-box, & I'm a diehard VW fan. (which means I'm prepared to deal with maintenance issues up to and including replacing timing belts.) I've seen a couple of TDI Beetles (1999-2001) and they are affordable compared to the TDI Jettas and Passats. Lots of 2000 gassers o ... Read More »

Jet Beetle

I want one one these here jet packs bolted onto my bike just like the beetle. Then maybe I could git up them hills. Go to ronpatrickstuff.com to see the details. Pretty cool and totally street legal!Read More »

Rack for VW (New) Beetle

Hi, Am looking for experience/suggestions on the "best" rack for a VW New Beetle. Don't personally care for roof racks (see thread [url]http://forums.roadbikereview.com/showthread.php?t=21026[/url] for one reason), would prefer rack on back or other alterative. The slope of the rear of the Beet ... Read More »

Help...Yakima Rack Fit on VW Beetle or Similar

I need help...Damsel in distress! Has anyone had any problems (e.g., slippage) with a Yakima bike rack fitting a Volkswagen Beetle or similar vehicle? Thank you .Read More »

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