Lupine Betty 7 Lights

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Product Description

New 1500 lumen LED Lamp

Good. Better. Betty Our Edison had its day, back when HID technology had revolutionized outdoor lighting systems. The capability and the brightness of an HID lamp are simply not enough for us anymore. So we said good-bye. A new era has begun: HID was yesterday – LED is the future! No ifs or buts, the new LED lamp from Lupine blasts a hole in the darkness. The light is shining brighter, longer and with more confidence – it beats everything. Our Betty uses 7 High Power new generation LED's, combined with our dedicated lens technology to produce a light output of 1500 lumens. This is brighter than our well-known and undisputed HID leader, the Edison. Betty, with her various dimming levels, burn times over a week, non-stop adventures are now possible. Run Betty on full beam and see that we are faced with a new truth – LED lights are the new rulers of the night.

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