Mavic Fork Sensor Lights

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Mavic realizes that a fork sensor is not a blingy ornament to be ogled and admired. That's why it made the Mavic Fork Sensor small and unassuming. The Fork Sensor will work with any fork on the market. It is super-reliable and, thanks to WIN 2.4GHZ Digital Transmission Technology, deadly accurate.

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Keeping speed sensor on fork

I am having a small issue with the speed sensor staying in place on the fork. The fork is a carbon Fuji FC330 and is a tapered flat blade style. The pick up for the computer has a rubber piece on the sensor and uses two zip ties to be secured. Because the fork is thicker at the top and smaller belo ... Read More »

Where is the best placement on the fork for a Cateye micro wireless sensor ?

( This is about the cateye micro model MC100W ) The "well written" instructions for placement of the sensor indicate to place it high on the fork, closer to the crown. Is that the best spot ? I thought the sensor and magnet should be closer to the hub for accuracy. Or any other suggestions for ... Read More »

How to attach a speed sensor to my fork without cable ties

This must have come up before but I couldn’t find it in the search. I want to move a computer from one bike to another so I of course have to snap the cable ties holding the speed sensor to the fork. Everything is going swimmingly until, ooops! The cable ties in my tool bag are way too thick to f ... Read More »

Fork wireless sensor mounting alternatives?

Is there any better way to attach a wireless sensor to the front fork without using zip ties? They seem to loosen over time and lose a signal easily. I have the ties as tight as they can be too but they seem like they could be tighter. Do they make any special zip ties just for this application. I' ... Read More »

Mounting Computer Sensor on fork?

Just curious on whether you mount your computer sensor on the front or rear of the front fork? I recently got some new wheels so I had to move my sensor on the fork so its sitting on the back of the front fork but is only a couple mm away from the magnet sensor on the wheels. Its just a though in th ... Read More »

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