NiteFLUX Photon Max Lights

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MSRP : $376.00

Product Description

The Photon Max is a strong, versatile and ultra reliable light with the latest in LED lighting technology.

The intensity of the 3 x 4 watt LEDs working at full power fills the visual area with light that is much whiter than any halogen system and the LED emitters last 1000 times longer than an equivalent halogen lamp.

Step it down to half power for more than adequate lighting around town or use the power saving 3 watt steady or flash mode.

Whether it be racing or commuting, this light will handle any situation.

NiteFLUX's cutting edge headlight design has resulted in a flow through 'heat-sink' headlight housing creating a world first in LED lighting "Forced Air Cooling" The cool air flow created from the natural movement of riding is forced into the front the headlight through the deeply finned alloy body allowing heat to be rapidly removed from the Hi-

Intensity LED's with the hot air escaping out the rear of the headlight. This maximises and maintains the LED's light intensity, to take unrivaled thermal management one step further we integrated a temperature sensor into the main heat transfer wall, the sensor constantly relays the current temperature readings to a "electronic brain" that will automatically reduce power to the LED's if they do get to hot.

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