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2014 Bike Lights Shootout: Lumen Measurements

Mtbr and RoadBikeReview work so hard to demystify LED output.  The ultimate test is using an integrating sphere to measure light output. This piece of equipment costs about $20,000- $100,000 to purchase and requires a trained technician to operate.    Read More »

2014 Bike Lights Shootout: Tunnel Beam Patterns

We went out to a freeway underpass and risked our lives in the 'hood' as we photographed our test lights with our camera. The location is useful since it has walls and a ceiling that can display a bike light beam pattern.    Read More »

Light and Motion: Urban 700 and VIS 180 Commuter Lights

Light and Motion's new Urban 700 commuter light is extremely light, easy to mount and bright. Side lighting increases your visibility and the VIS 180 tail light is the perfect match.   Read More »

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XECCON provides FREE bicycle lights, come on in and see !!!

[CENTER][B]Xeccon, lighting the way[/B]-- 2013 XECCON Global Lighting Exposure[/CENTER] [B]Organizer:[/B] XECCON / Strivers Holdings Co., Ltd. [B]Theme:[/B] promoting a healthy lifestyle through cycling, day or night. Cycling is a low impact sport not only beneficial to the health of the rider but ... Read More »

Anyone know the paint code for these Master Lights?

Bought this back in '98 from a shop in Texas, unfortunately they didn't know the code for this. I've always referred to it as "Rabobank". Thinking about going back to the steel fork:Read More »

Cycling lights

[COLOR=#181818][FONT=arial]Hi everyone ![/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#181818][FONT=arial] [/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#181818][FONT=arial]I am a beginner in cycling, but have been biking my whole life ! ( bmx) [/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#181818][FONT=arial] [/FONT][/COLOR] [COLOR=#181818][FONT=arial]I am now tryin ... Read More »

Super Bright Pollywog LED front/rear lights $6 shipped

It seems like some people really like these lights. Can't argue about the price. [url=http://www.sears.com/bvusa-bicycle-super-bright-pollywog-led-safety-light/p-SPM6987637213P]BVUSA Bicycle Super Bright Pollywog LED Safety Light Set, up to 100 hours - Fitness & Sports - Bikes & Accessories - Ligh ... Read More »

Bike Lights: How Bright is Too Bright??????

Hi, I am looking for a light for training in the early mornings before day light. I am looking at both the Light and Motion Taz 800 and Taz 1200. One has 800 lumens and the other 1200 (as you may have guessed). Is 800 lumens good enough? Is 1200 lumens overkill and more likely to dazzle ... Read More »

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