Portland Design Works Taillight Lights

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The FenderBot taillight is a rock steady safety signal that bolts directly to the fender to prevent theft. Equipped with a precision reflector and super bright red LED 78mm (3 inches tall) Run Time: 50 hours ...

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choosing a taillight

Last night my Tuesday eve group ride ran a bit long, and we got caught out at dusk. Mandatory "blinkies" for next weeks ride are required. I went through a few reviews on the net, and wonder about "obnoxiousness" of the newer strobe effects during a group rides vs. safety of them when riding alone. ... Read More »

Dinotte Taillight Flies Off My Bike!

I have a Dinotte 300R Tail Light. The light is powerful and I love it, but I have always been suspect of the bracket system that Dinotte designed to mount it on the bike. Over time the fit between the light and the bracket became loose, and was not tight at all. [B]Yesterday on my commute home th ... Read More »

Taillight that will fit a seat mast?

My frame's seat mast is 37mm, but most clamps seem to go up to about a 33mm diameter. Is anyone making a light specifically for frame's with masts instead of narrower posts?Read More »

Taillight for daytime riding?

Anyone use a taillight for daytime riding as an added safety measure? I'm thinking about getting a flashing red taillight so that I will be more visible to vehicles. I ride a fairly busy road for 3 miles until it turns into a rural, lightly traveled road with a very wide shoulder. Although the 3 ... Read More »

Taillight clamp/seat mast problem

I just got a Cateye TL-LD610 rear light--same as my other bike--and tried to mount it on my new frame, which has a 37mm seat mast. Not long enough. So, my question is, does anyone make a rear light with a larger clamp? Looking around, it seems most clamps fit the smaller 26-32mm seatpost diameter ... Read More »

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