Princeton Tec Impulse Lights

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Don't let its tiny size and featherweight fool you, Princeton Tec's Impulse is a powerful little multi-tasker. It uses an Ultrabright LED to give you...

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My newest impulse purchase

A new to me 1990's something Carrera. Good old steel EL OS. I am impressed with how well it rides and handles. It is becoming my favorite. It has some tough competition to beat out so that is pretty high praise. I'm a sucker for 90's Italian over the top paint jobs. And this one is no exceptio ... Read More »

impulse over reason

i went to buy a TV yesterday - i had the sales person ring up the 40" and right behind me was a 48" of the same line for only 140 more. why not right? i'll tell you why not - i get it home, set it up, and OH MY GOD, it's insanely huge. the image here shows the difference between the 40" and t ... Read More »

Impulse buy that cracked me literally. TREK 1400

hey there fellas. i recently picked up(bought) a TREK 1400 that i saw for sale in front of a house. i took a quick scan saw good parts upgrade, it looked my size, so i sprung for it. size 57 perfect! Happy score right? well, as a veteran, i did a rookie mistake. i failed to inspect it. i have it up ... Read More »

On an impulse(sorta)... Hong Kong

A friend of mine and I were thinking of heading away for a long weekend to just get away from school and the rigors of regular stuff. So, we initially looked at the Philippines but in the end, flights were sold out, leaving us with Phuket (Thailand), Penang (Malaysia) or Yogyakarta (Indonesia). ... Read More »

The impulse buy is completed

I collected enough 10 speed Campy parts to finish building the C96. I ended up with a mix of Record, Chorus and Centaur. And those Zonda wheels. Great wheels but I'm not sure 21st century wheels look appropriate on a 20th century bike. The ride quality is what I expected from a bike that is on ... Read More »

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