Sigma Sport Micro Lights

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The colorful Sigma MICROs are practical, useful, and let you be seen everywhere.The flexible Velcro strap andThe uni- fit strap mountTo nearly anything: bicycles, helmets, strollers, backpacks, dog collars, boats, an arm or leg while running or in- line skating, or on a key chain for an instant flashlight.The new lens enhances side visibility and increases safety.These small lights provide huge safety. Features:·Universal LED safety light- White·Extra bright and improved side visibility·Extra lo

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Di2 Front Mech Micro Adjustment - Why?

Can someone explain to me what benefit there is to micro adjusting the 9070 front mech? What criteria are you using to get it "just right". I know the mech overshifts and then returns to a standard position and then trims according to the RD cog but once you've set the limits what else is there? Wha ... Read More »

Front hub: White Ind. T11 vs AC Micro?

i want to get a new front wheel built, and as far as i've seen, these two offer the best $/g ratio. any opinions here between these two? quality of the product? quality of the wheel as a whole that they will be built into? no difference at all?Read More »

Anyone thinking about what to do when Micro$oft ends support for Windows XP?

Yeah, I know 'get a Mac' (or 'OMFG, Linux is the answer to your prayers')...aside from those true believers, is anyone else wondering about this? [url=]Support ends in 2014 for Windows XP and Office 2003![/url] We have a few computers lay ... Read More »

Micro 4/3 lens set

I posted this today. Special considerations for any of my cycling peers.... [url=]Micro 4/3rd lens set[/url]Read More »

Lezyne Micro drive tail light vs the Light & Motion Vis 180

By some slim chance has anyone ever seen these two lights side by side? If so what was your thoughts?Read More »

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