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VDO A4+ Lights

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Product Description

Fight data overload with the VDO A4+ Wireless Cycle Computer. The A4+ gives you the data that matter -speed and mileage -without overloading your brain with watts, beats per minute, pace, and everything else that gets in the way of an enjoyable ride. The wireless system is a breeze to set up, and keeps your ride looking as clean as can be.

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Best roof rack for Audi A4?

I'm looking for a roof rack for a 2006 A4. It will be used mainly for hauling bikes. I prefer the bike trays that use a QR, clamping the fork (rather than those where you leave the front wheel on...seen too many bad experiences with those) I'm thinking that it will come down to a choice between ... Read More »

Audi A4 owners?

Any loungers own a recent model A4? I need something besides my '91 Escort to use for my business. (Sales meetings, etc...major client base consisting of the very affluent, i.e. multi-millionaires.) The A4 looks attractive on many levels. Good safety ratings, good fuel efficiency, not stupid ... Read More »

My Audi A4 is down for the count!!

Well Its Over!! My Audi is officially dead. The timing belt broke causing catastrophic engine failure. What started as a good plan came apart like a ball of toilet paper on a steep downhill roll. I was driving home and suddenly that sound clicketyclicketyclicketyclacketyclackety from under the hood. ... Read More »

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