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VDO Z3 Lights

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MSRP : $249.94

Product Description

You want the data, but don't need the GPS -you already know all of your roads, and if you travel, there are these newfangled things called, 'maps.' The VDO Z3 Cycle Computer with Heart Rate & Altitude satisfies your data desires without cluttering your screen with a tiny map you can't read. Heart rate, altitude, and speed are available at the touch of a button, and a wireless cadence kit is available for the super-techy.

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Good Deal? 2011 Z2 ($2600) vs 2012 Felt Z3 ($2900)

Hey there.. quick question thanks in advance Does the Felt Z3 2012 have the newer Shimano Di2 system - new wiring system though it's Ultegra? The 2011 Z2 has the 7970 Di2 is Dura-Ace but older system. I'm debating between a 2011 Z2 Di2 used, about 3k miles but in great condition vs. 2012 Felt Z3 D ... Read More »

2011 Z2 DuraAceDi2 vs 2014/15 Z3/4

HI all, I'm upgrading my Cannondale to a carbon, and really liked the 'endurance' feel of the 2014 Z4 I tried in my LBS. It was more upright and comfortable and the carbon was great to ride on. My price range is about $2-2500 but also have to deal with 8.8% NYC tax. The 2014 Z4 was $1780 includ ... Read More »

Trek Domane 4.7 v. Specialized Roubaix v. Felt Z3

I am looking to upgrade my 2010 Scott Speedster S30 (aluminum) with a carbon fiber road bike. I feel as though if I went with any major brand (those mentioned, Cannondale, Cervelo, Giant, etc.) I cannot really go wrong and the LBS I am looking to buy from stocks Trek, Specialized, and Felt. I narr ... Read More »

Which Z3?

I'm in the market for a new bike and think I've decided on a Z3. But here's where it gets complicated. For starters, my wife put a limit of $3000 on me. So, these are my choices: 2014 stock Z3, at something like $2999 new from local lbs, plus 8.7% sales tax. Would come with free fitting and free ... Read More »

Z3:new 2012 Di2 or 2014 manual

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Found a new 2012 Z3 with electronic shifting while shopping for a new bike. Looking at the 2014 Z3 and both are about $3000. 2012 has fulcrum wheels. If I buy the 2014, I will probably upgrade wheels to Mavics. The 2012 is the older frame style. How different will th ... Read More »

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