Vetta Jupiter Lights

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The Vetta Jupiter 3W bike light gives you up to 4 hours light. 3-watt solid state emitterRechargeable Lithium-Ion batteryModes: high / flashingBattery life: 4 hoursUSB compatible chargerLow battery indicatorAluminum casingQuick release and side-to-side swivel mountSplash proofDark gray body

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OEH, Hoo, Fredke, Jupiter, and others....

First, Fredke, Hoo, Phil, etc. ALL of those with doctoral level education. I have a question for you, my studies are progressing nicely. The White House Office for Health Reform has been somewhat excited about some of my ideas, and my email is exploding. My question is, When you were completing y ... Read More »

Jupiter, OEH, somebody? Tell me the truth...

Aren't you guys nurses? Can you be trusted? Been at my desk a lot lately, plus a couple of long trips. One of my riding buddies is also my PC physician, and last weekend he noticed that my ankles were swollen. Fits with my lousy maternal heredity, and he suggested I get (scary music here) some sup ... Read More »

New Hampshire man bitten in Jupiter

and like gutt, I had nothing to do with it. :D [url],2933,517145,00.html[/url] [B][I]JUPITER, Fla. — A New Hampshire man surfing in Florida was attacked by a shark and underwent surgery to reattach three tendons in his left foot. [/I][/B] It was a rough day on ... Read More »

Riding in FL?: Jupiter for the holidays

I posted over in southeast too but I know I'll get more traffic here. I'm going to be in Jupiter for a couple weeks over the holidays and I'm going to bring a bike. I'd like to score some group rides on the weekends of Dec 22/23 and 29/30. I hope to find some decent riding routes so I can continue r ... Read More »

West Palm/Jupiter FL rides?

I'm visiting family over the holidays in Jupiter. I'm considering bringing my bike. Anyone knwo of some good rides and group rides in the area? Consider my ability as a reasonably good cat 3. ThanksRead More »

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