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Pinhead Bubble Lock

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Pinhead Bubble U Lock Anyone?

Has anyone used the Pinhead Bubble U lock? That British testing firm gives it a gold rating and I found a very good price on eBay. Thank you.Read More »

Housing Bubble Warnings - 2004 Case & Shiller Non Peer Reviewed Paper

Is peer review really a necessary requirement in the determination of whether there is information of worth in a paper. Can papers sponsored and distributed by think tanks and foundations be of value? Of course they can and to immediately discount information contained in such papers is IMO academ ... Read More »

The Expanding College Education Debt Bubble

Bill Bennet and David Wilezol recently (2012) published a book on the exploding cost of a college education and whether a college degree is worth the investment. Total college education debt is now ~ $1T and is now greater than the debt held on consumer credit cards. Their conclusion is that the w ... Read More »

HEALTHCARE: news that won't make it into The Bubble™

[COLOR="#FFFFFF"]. . .[/COLOR] Kaiser and RAND have both taken a look at ACA premiums and, surprise--they've come in under estimate. (and this, despite the sabotage by red state governors and legislatures--although more red states are [I]starting[/I] to accept the Medicaid expansion.) FOX " ... Read More »

Bubble in my front tire

Hi everyone, Developed a bubble in my 4 year old front tire. 2.5 inches long. I let some pressure out and it went down a little and I completed my 60 miles. So, I just need to buy a new tire right?Read More »

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