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Bruce Bartlett on the bubble and its ramifications

[COLOR="White"]. . .[/COLOR] great article. this kind of intellectual honesty and self-reflection isn't common in Washington. [COLOR="Navy"][FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"]Revenge of the Reality-Based Community - The American Conservative[/SIZE][/FONT] [SIZE="1"]Bruce Bartlett Nov ... Read More »

more bubble-ness

From Paul Ryan this time: [I]"The numbers we were looking at looked like we stood a pretty good chance of winning," he continued. "So, when the numbers came in, going the other direction. When we saw the turnout that was occurring in urban areas that were unprecedented, it did come as a bit of a ... Read More »

the bubble

[COLOR="White"]. . .[/COLOR] since the election there's been a [b]lot[/b] written about the bubble. if you come across an article post it here--anything that discusses the [I]un[/I]reality-based community.Read More »

more encouragement for Rs to leave the bubble

From Fox News: "[I]...the American people, nonetheless still frustrated by our stagnant economy, endorsed a continuation of the Democratic policies that are pulling us out of the mess and rejected the Republican ideology that caused it in the first place.[/I]" [url= ... Read More »

the bubble

[COLOR="White"]. . .[/COLOR] where your right-wing friends, coworkers and relatives get their "news." [FONT="Arial Black"][COLOR="Red"]NSFW[/COLOR][/FONT] [COLOR="White"]. .[/COLOR]Read More »

Read More »




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