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Review: Abus Bordo Series Locks - Compact Bike Protection

Introduction by Francis Cebedo Ahh bike locks, where are they when you need them? Do you use a coiled one under your frame or a big U-Lock that is omnipresent in the front triangle of your bike. Nobody wants the clutter but if you need to run inside the store to grab something, can you really ris ...    Read More »

New From Kryptonite Locks - Mini Chain U-Locks, Transit Series, and 40th Anniversary Ruby Red

Kryptonite will introduce a new integrated security chain in their 2013 line called the Evolution Series 4 mini chain collapsible U-Lock. The collapsible U-Lock gives you the flexibility of a cable, but boast the same security you'd expect from a U-Lock. Available as a 55cm chain, the collapsible U- ...    Read More »

Accessory Maker Takes the Road Less Travelled with ‘Blackburn Ranger’ Ambassador Program

With no rain in sight for the foreseeable future, 2014 just might be the perfect year to ride the Pacific Coast, and the folks at Blackburn want to help.   Read More »

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what $400 of locks looks like

just moved in to rented accomodation - garden shed is not the least bit secure for the six bicyclesRead More »

Man accidentally locks child in washing machine

[url=http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8470445/man-accidentally-locks-child-in-washing-machine]Man accidentally locks child in washing machine[/url] A better vid. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S5hU6Egqdk]Man locks child in washing machine - YouTube[/url] Biggest parenting fail ever!Read More »

Bike locks are now obsolete

[url=http://video.repubblica.it/mondo/cina-il-cane-antifurto-sorveglia-la-bici/93959/92349]Cina, il cane antifurto: sorveglia la bici - Video Repubblica - la Repubblica.it[/url]Read More »

boltcutter proof locks?

I thought this would be the best place for this question. Does anyone know of a lock (maybe the Kryptonite New Yorker) that will stand up to boltcutters. All suggestions are welcome. Maybe something in Ti. I've had four bikes stolen in my years of cycling, one of which was stolen twice. I'm lo ... Read More »

Keys, locks, and Yakima..

I've got an older Yakima hitch rack that I lost the cheapy lock to when I didn't properly secure before I drove off. I picked up a replacement lock that came with a key from REI, and decided to try the key from the old lock, and it worked just fine with the new lock. I'm not concerned about som ... Read More »

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