Campagnolo Lithium Grease Lube

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Campagnolo components come to us lubricated and ready for installation. An interesting (and somewhat frustrating) irony is that in our effort to lovingly maintain these components we always ran into a brick wall: We couldn't source the exact white grease Campagnolo uses in their factory production. As you might imagine, Campagnolo's supply of this grease was in massive containers inappropriate for aftermarket sale. Good news is here: After much begging and cajoling, we've finally scored the authentic goods. This Campagnolo Lithium Grease is recommended for parts such as the steel or ceramic bearings and balls of wheels, cranksets, and derailleurs. It eliminates friction, maximizes smoothness, protects from wear and tear, and prolongs the life of your componentry. It comes in a 100ml tube.

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This is why you should not use spray on White Lithium Grease for repacking bearings

Background I repacked my headset with white lithium grease (spray on) two weeks ago. It says on the label waterproof. It says good for vehicles, home and bicycle use. I bought it from Canadian tire. Put it back together and the steering was perfect. Then I head out for Sunday ride, little dust ... Read More »

Titanium bolts - lithium grease?

Hi! Is it possible to apply lithium grease on ti bolts at my deda stem or I should look for some other grease or oil? Thanks!Read More »

white lithium grease?

Is this the stuff I want to use on pedal threads, skewers, etc?Read More »

3 in 1 White Lithium Grease

I have used this in a rough shifting Dura Ace left shifter and it smoothed it nicely. I also applied it to the derailleur pivot points. It's not light weight compared to chain lube but lighter than regular grease and because it's a spray you can get it into bushings and pivots and it stays well. ... Read More »

Lithium grease=Wax

The owner and chief mechanic of a prominent LBS swears that lithium grease is just like "wax", becoming a gunky mess that attracts dirt and debris, and thus obviously should be avoided as a chain lubricant (I already know that), but rather be used for the BB bearings (I have done that). I am reques ... Read More »

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