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-Recommended by DT-Swiss for lubrication of star-ratchets on all DT-Swiss brand hubs. Molykote TP 42 with 5% mineral oil admixture

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White industry hubs, grease ?

I have some wi hubs with maybe 10k miles on them. They may be h2's I am not sure but they are shimano type, classic looking. They have never been quiet while coasting. Any thoughts on adding grease? Should I for grease them for basic maintenance? Would it make them quieter? Is it difficult to do? I ... Read More »

Bearing Grease

I was wondering what people are using for bicycle grease on wheel, headset and such bearings? I use Super Lube (synthetic [COLOR=#1E1E1E][FONT=Arial]PTFE) & LubriMatic Marine Grease myself. Depending on the bike and rider.[/FONT][/COLOR]Read More »

Stubborn Grease Stains

I'm sure some of you have some good tricks to get stubborn grease stains removed from white jerseys. My wife got a nasty grease stain on her white castelli jersey that she can't get out. Went into the laundry and still was there and tried to hand scrub that area with laundry detergent without much ... Read More »

What Needs Regular Grease?

I am riding a 2007 Giant OCR3 and enjoy doing my own work. In my youth I used to take apart any piece that had bearings and grease them annually. I have heard that certain bearings are sealed on a modern bike. What bearings on my bike need preventative maintenance and what don't? Thinking about whe ... Read More »

Recommended grease for Ultegra 6700 rear hub bearings?

I recently cleaned and greased the bearings on my ultegra rear hub,I used a muti-purpose marine NLGI Grade-2 grease, it was a little thicker than the factory grease an the wheel does not spin as freely on as long as it did with the factory grease when I spin it by hand, I was wondering if I should j ... Read More »

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