Dumonde Tech Original Lube

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We're pleased to offer Dumonde, some of the world's finest lubricants at Jenson USA. "Original" is recommended by Dumonde for cyclocross and mountain bike applications. It is identical to their "Lite" formula, but is more concentrated for...

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Put Down That Toy Gun, In It's Original Package, In The Toy Department At Walmart!!!

He was standing still with his back to the police, leaning on the package like a cane, talking to his girlfriend on his cell phone when they shot him. Did they think he was a shop lifter? [B][URL="http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/08/26/video-shows-police-shot-ohio-man-on-sight-as-he-leaned-on-toy ... Read More »

Cracked my BB on my Cervelo P3 - Not Original Owner-No Recourse

So I cracked my BB on my P3. Still riding it into work and home. Cant warranty it because I am not the original owner. Before I knew it was the BB I was going to do the fix myself. Now I am trying to figure out if a BB repair can be done. Certainly cant be done by me, too complicated an ... Read More »

1983 trek 720 totally original garage sale find

My first post here. So picked this up yesterday at a garage sale. Looks pretty cool. I collect 1950's beach cruisers so this is out of my comfort zone. Just thought I would share my cool find. Thanks all :-)Read More »

Brake pull compatibility with original Sram Red?

It's time to switch up the brakes on my SL4 and after a ton of searching, I can't find anything about the compatibility of brake kits with my original Sram Red shifters. I'm guessing just about anything will work, but I wanted to make sure before I dropped the cash. My bike has the S-works bra ... Read More »

WTS: mobile handsets unlocked BrandNew Original cheap prices big qty

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