Finish Line Ceramic Grease Lube

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Finish Line's Ceramic Grease represents Finish Line's most advanced bearing lubrication technology. Formulated with sub-micron ceramic particles, Teflon? fluoropolymer and premium non-toxic synthetic oils. Guaranteed to optimize the performance and effici

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Grease for ceramic bearings

I have a three year old Campy Shamal with ceramic bearings. What grease should I use and would this grease also be good for steel bearings on my Zonda? Thanks JimRead More »

Ceramic bearings - what kind of grease?

I'd be very thankful for any idea what kind of grease should be used with ceramic bearings (campy bora wheels)... Is the white original campy's grease OK? Thanks for any advise!Read More »

What brand of grease are you using for Ceramic bearings?

I have a Sram Red BB and have been using the supplied "blue" grease, but was wondering if there is another grease that could be used. Any of the Rock n Roll greases? I did see FSA makes "ceramic Grease" but $7 for a little 3ml tube is nuts. Any other reccomendations? ThanksRead More »

SKF-LGHB 2 ceramic grease

I have SRAM Red, which means I'm supposed to re-grease the bearings every 100hrs with SKF-LGHB 2 grease. The only problem is I can't find it anywhere in small quantities. I found a place that sells a pack of 12 cartriges. I suppose I could buy that and then sell the 11 I don't need here. Anyone ... Read More »

Specific grease on ceramic ball bearings

Hello, Which grease should I use on ceramic ball bearings? Synthetic grease maybe? I've heard you should NOT use one kind of grease, but right now don't remember what type must be avoided. Maybe lithium grease is the one that should NOT be used? RegardsRead More »

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