Finish Line Cross Country Lube

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Ideal for wet or Muddy conditions Features and Information Lube for wet or muddy riding conditions...

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Snowshoes vs cross country skis

I moved to Denver this year and am looking to get out in the snow. I can't get out to the mountains for downhill sports due to the cost in terms of dollars and time, but would like to explore the local parks and MUTs that are covered in snow. Should I opt for snow shoes or cross country skis? I'v ... Read More »

Fuji Touring Bike On Cross Country Trip?

Hello Bike Community- I am looking for a bike to ride on a cross country trip. I have been considering the Fuji Touring Bike. Please note that this trip will be 7 weeks, with full panniers across deserts and mountain ranges, averaging 80+ miles a day. Needless to say, I am wanting to make sure this ... Read More »

Ever drive cross country all off road?

I have driven cross country 3 times. I have enjoyed it every time but I didn't know you could do it this way. I think Black Bear Pass in Colorado would be the only part that would scare the crap out of me. Read More »

Cross Country Partner

Hi there, I am planning on biking cross country, likely from San Francisco on the Western Express merging onto the Transamerica Trail and finishing in Virginia. I am planing to leaving in September of this fall from San Francisco. I am looking for a partner or group to go with if anyone is intereste ... Read More »

Riding Cross Country, Starting in San Francisco July 1st 2013 heading East

The best way to understand such a quixotic quest for a man my age is to visit my website I'm going alone, unsupported. I'm raising money for breast cancer research. I'm looking for folks who want to join me for a few days or hours. You can follow me and contact me through my web ... Read More »

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