Finish Line White Grease Lube

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Synthetic/Teflon (no lithium), approved for Grease Guard systems

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White industry hubs, grease ?

I have some wi hubs with maybe 10k miles on them. They may be h2's I am not sure but they are shimano type, classic looking. They have never been quiet while coasting. Any thoughts on adding grease? Should I for grease them for basic maintenance? Would it make them quieter? Is it difficult to do? I ... Read More »

Campy White Grease vs. Finish Line White Teflon

Just wondering what you guys think about using Finish Line white teflon grease in lieu of Campy white grease. I can get a tube of the Finish Line stuff for around $12 and a large tub for $30. I can get a 100ml tube of the Campy stuff for $34 plus shipping.Read More »

Campy White Grease worth $45 for 100ml

Looking for opinions. Is Campy white grease worth $45 for 100ml? I don't use very much white grease, so it would probably last me quite a while. Just wondering if it is worth $45 or if a tube of lithium grease from Home Depot could take its place.Read More »

This is why you should not use spray on White Lithium Grease for repacking bearings

Background I repacked my headset with white lithium grease (spray on) two weeks ago. It says on the label waterproof. It says good for vehicles, home and bicycle use. I bought it from Canadian tire. Put it back together and the steering was perfect. Then I head out for Sunday ride, little dust ... Read More »

white lithium grease?

Is this the stuff I want to use on pedal threads, skewers, etc?Read More »

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