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Motorex Dry Lube is designed for riding in dry, dusty conditions and for riders looking for a clean-running chain lube that prevents unwanted build-up. Traditional wax-based lubes only coat the surface of your chain, doing little to lubricate internal chain pins, rollers, and plates. But Motorex Dry Lube uses a unique wax/oil formula that penetrates into chain pins more effectively than other lubes, lubricating your chain inside and out to prevent accelerated wear and tear. In dry, dusty conditions where sand and grit wreak abrasive havoc on unprotected drivetrains, this kind of protection is a must.In addition to lubricating internal chain points more effectively, Motorex Dry Lube?s wax/oil formula also means that it does so cleanly, without the sticky build-up of dirt and grime often associated with other wax-based lubricants.Even better, Motorex Dry Lube is designed to be fully compatible with Motorex Easy Clean Degreaser, meaning it?s safe to use immediately after cleaning and degreasing your chain. Most degreasers and solvents need to dry completely before you re-lube, otherwise the remaining solvent immediately breaks down whatever new lubricant you apply. But thanks to the compatibility of Motorex Dry Lube and Motorex Easy Clean, the degreaser?s solvents won?t prevent your fresh lube from quickly doing what it needs to do. Motorex Dry Lube is available in a 100ml drip bottle or in an aerosol can for fast application -- 56ml and 300ml.Please Note: Per UPS regulations, ORM-D items such as this must ship via surface transport: UPS Ground or UPS Standard (Canada). We are unable to ship ORM-D items Internationally, or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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Tire - Michelin Pro3 - is whitish. Is this normal or are they dry rotted?

I purchased Michelin Pro3 for the first time and while putting them on I noticed they are a little whitish when stretched. This is my first time using any Michelin tires; I have been using Gatorskins before. Are these dry rotted or is this normal for Michelin Pro3? In photo: I have a Gatorskin (ab ... Read More »

SEPA in the Dry

My plan worked out and the trip home was worth the wet commute in the morning. Here are some shots going the other way. Enjoy. Construction going on right by my office [img][/img] Oldest house I pass on my commute - The Beehive 1704 [ ... Read More »

Speedplay cleat maintenance, dry lubrication ?

On a pair of SP zero pedals I'm unclear on where to put the dry lubrication between the the puck and cleat. Is it just the black hanger spring or do you apply lubrication to the yellow part of the cleat platform as well? Thanks.Read More »

Road salt on dry roads

Quick question - I just got a new road bike and was thinking about taking it out tomorrow, but I started to wonder if I shouldn't because of road salt. I'm assuming the roads will be completely dry, but there's still some white residue on the road, from a rain event four or five days ago. I'd be on ... Read More »

High volume tires for dry single track

Hi guys, Lately I've started really enjoying doing single track on my cross bike. On my local loop I can do everything but a particular rock garden which causes me to bottom out. I'd like to find a tire where I don't need to worry about bottoming out. Currently I'm using WTB Crosswolf tires fo ... Read More »

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