Motorex Dry Lube

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Motorex Dry Lube is designed for riding in dry, dusty conditions and for riders looking for a clean-running chain lube that prevents unwanted build-up. Traditional wax-based lubes only coat the surface of your chain, doing little to lubricate internal chain pins, rollers, and plates. But Motorex Dry Lube uses a unique wax/oil formula that penetrates into chain pins more effectively than other lubes, lubricating your chain inside and out to prevent accelerated wear and tear. In dry, dusty conditions where sand and grit wreak abrasive havoc on unprotected drivetrains, this kind of protection is a must.In addition to lubricating internal chain points more effectively, Motorex Dry Lube?s wax/oil formula also means that it does so cleanly, without the sticky build-up of dirt and grime often associated with other wax-based lubricants.Even better, Motorex Dry Lube is designed to be fully compatible with Motorex Easy Clean Degreaser, meaning it?s safe to use immediately after cleaning and degreasing your chain. Most degreasers and solvents need to dry completely before you re-lube, otherwise the remaining solvent immediately breaks down whatever new lubricant you apply. But thanks to the compatibility of Motorex Dry Lube and Motorex Easy Clean, the degreaser?s solvents won?t prevent your fresh lube from quickly doing what it needs to do. Motorex Dry Lube is available in a 100ml drip bottle or in an aerosol can for fast application -- 56ml and 300ml.Please Note: Per UPS regulations, ORM-D items such as this must ship via surface transport: UPS Ground or UPS Standard (Canada). We are unable to ship ORM-D items Internationally, or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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Do you put it in dry or wet?

See, I knew I could get you to read this with that title. My question is actually about pressing a PF30 Campy Ultratorque cup in a Ridley Noah frame. The frame has an aluminum shell it will be pressed into. The manual with the frame doesn't specify if I should put it in with grease or put it in d ... Read More »

What kind of lube you are using for road bike(dry weather only) ?

What kind of lube you are using for road bike(dry weather only) ? Thanks....Read More »

Best dry chain lube?

I have been dumond tech lite but it still gets so dirty. I never ride in the rain. My lbs sold me some giant branded aerosol lube they say they use on all their chains. He said it keeps the chain way cleaner bc it dries. However, spraying it on the chain is too messy for me. Is there another brand t ... Read More »

Suggestions for keeping feet dry

I'll admit, I have passed on getting "booties" in the past and typically train indoors during winter. I want to extend my fall, outdoor riding to include rainy days. Now it is getting colder, and after a nice wet, windy ride this evening, I'm ready for a lesson in reason. :) I use CB Candy 3 p ... Read More »

Problems with Michelin dry rotting??

I have had some issues with Michelin Pro Race3 and Kryliums "dry rotting?" right at the valve stem...:mad: I keep my bikes indoors - the tires are a couple of years old but the rotting is specifically at the valve stem. Have a pair of Continental GP4000s with no problems - anyone else have this prob ... Read More »

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