Motorex White Grease Lube

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The grease they sell at the local hardware superstore is designed for automobiles -- not your new sub-15-pound, carbon fiber masterpiece. Possessing outstanding wear-reducing properties and developed so that it doesn't seize at low temperatures, Motorex White Grease is a lithium-based white grease designed especially for bicycles (it works best on slide bearings and bottom brackets). When it comes to greasing your bike, here's a good rule of thumb: every time you loosen something with threads, clean it, grease it, and tighten it to torque. Pedals and quick release skewers are good places to start, then stem and handlebar bolts, and finally, your crankset and bottom bracket. Regular greasing and proper torque settings will protect your bike and its components against undue wear while fending-off the dreaded creaks and pops we all hate to hear.Motorex White Grease comes in a 100g tube and should last several months if used regularly and appropriately.Please Note: Per UPS regulations, ORM-D items such as this must ship via surface transport: UPS Ground or UPS Standard (Canada). We are unable to ship ORM-D items Internationally, or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

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Campy White Grease vs. Finish Line White Teflon

Just wondering what you guys think about using Finish Line white teflon grease in lieu of Campy white grease. I can get a tube of the Finish Line stuff for around $12 and a large tub for $30. I can get a 100ml tube of the Campy stuff for $34 plus shipping.Read More »

Campy White Grease worth $45 for 100ml

Looking for opinions. Is Campy white grease worth $45 for 100ml? I don't use very much white grease, so it would probably last me quite a while. Just wondering if it is worth $45 or if a tube of lithium grease from Home Depot could take its place.Read More »

This is why you should not use spray on White Lithium Grease for repacking bearings

Background I repacked my headset with white lithium grease (spray on) two weeks ago. It says on the label waterproof. It says good for vehicles, home and bicycle use. I bought it from Canadian tire. Put it back together and the steering was perfect. Then I head out for Sunday ride, little dust ... Read More »

white lithium grease?

Is this the stuff I want to use on pedal threads, skewers, etc?Read More »

3 in 1 White Lithium Grease

I have used this in a rough shifting Dura Ace left shifter and it smoothed it nicely. I also applied it to the derailleur pivot points. It's not light weight compared to chain lube but lighter than regular grease and because it's a spray you can get it into bushings and pivots and it stays well. ... Read More »

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