Phil Wood Tenacious Oil Lube

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Phil Wood Tenacious Oil 4oz  A great all purpose oil. For use on bearings and pivots.   Item Specifications Ounces 4 fl oz ...

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Cleaned/lubed my Easton EA90SL freehub with PW Tenacious Oil. Wow

I always thought my R4 freehub was loud, even when new (clack clack clack...) I finally got around to cleaning and lubing it with PW Tenacious Oil. Made a HUGE difference. Freehub is now barely audible. Highly recommended! When I removed the Freehub, it was clean and still had plenty of factor ... Read More »

Phil's Tenacious oil, secret unlocked?

What the hell is it? Is it a grease substitute? Sticky and lubricating like grease, flows like oil? If so I think I have unlocked the secret recipe at a fraction of the cost. It all started out with me still trying to track down a ticking clicking noise in my Ti bike since last year April(whole l ... Read More »

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