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Pro Pro Gold Lube

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Chain Lube: Pro Gold to Cleaner Option?

I have been using Pro Gold for about 6 months. It works ok. It's just really messy and I feel like I have to wipe the chain down every few rides. I am using the liquid drip bottle. Is there a different kind that people highly recommend? I used to ride sportbikes and don't remember such an issue ... Read More »

Pro Gold Chain Gauge?

Does any one have any experience using the ProGold Chain Gauge? I currently use a digital veneer caliper to measure my chains for wear but I feel I may be replacing chains a little too often. I saw the ProGold gauge on Amazon and it received some mixed reviews so I am looking for a little more ... Read More »

EAI Gold Medal Pro cogs?

Anyone tried these cogs, yet? I run the standard EAI 1/8" cogs, but something quieter would be nice. Pretty good looking, too. Thanks. [url]http://www.businesscycles.com/tcog-goldmedal.htm[/url]Read More »

Mavic Open Pro rims in citron gold color

There was recently an ebay auction by an ebay seller in France or Belgium that was selling a nice set of Mavic Open Pro 36 hole clincher rims in a "citron" color. In the picture it kind of looked like a clear yellow but not quite gold hue. They didn't sell. I had some regret after the fact, since I ... Read More »

Read More »



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