ProGold Bike Wash Lube

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Cleans all types of frames, spokes, and components. Contains no lye, phosphates, bleach, dyes, brighteners, or perfume. In addition to safely cleaning carbon frames and bike parts, Bike Wash can be used on washable fabrics and finishes.

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It's that time again...Free Service w/ Nice Bike @ Wash Park and Deer Creek

The Colorado sun is out, days are consistently reaching 50 and the spring vibe is in the air. That means we are getting out and offering free service again! Nice Bike will be heading out to Washington Park, Deer Creek and other cycling hot spots to support our cycling community. Catch us Sat and ... Read More »

How often should I wash my bike shorts?? and gloves??

Hey Everyone, I'm new to cycling and have 3 pairs of bike shorts. Is it ok to use them more than once before washing for short rides?? 10-20 mile rides Also wondering how often I should wash my gloves... I'm riding 80-100 miles a week and wash them once a week don't know if there are infec ... Read More »

Bike Wash

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How not to wash your bike

Well today I was riding my cx bike on some dirt roads and came upon a low water bridge I rode like a foot into the water and went to unclip and the moss under the water was so slick I just went down on my left side and the bike started to go down stream so I got up grabbed the wheel as the bike was ... Read More »

Should I wash or not wash my Bike

I am a clean freak and use to wash my Trek Madone 5.2 until I was told that I should never wash a bike, but instead wipe it down. It turns out that I ruined my Bottom Bracket bearing because of this washing. What do you guys do to clean your bikes? I have read about others washing there bikes w ... Read More »

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