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Pure* Bike Protector Lube

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MSRP : $12.99

Product Description

With UV protection. Polishes bicycles, mountain bikes, motorcycles and scooters.

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Chainstay protector for carbon bike

Hi, I finished washing my carbon bike. I examined both chainstays on non-chain side (wheel side). I have indentations taking out the clearcoat, the exposed surface is gray, but no expose to carbon fibers? (no frayed fibers). Could this have been caused by gravel or rocks on the road? Do I just l ... Read More »

I saw this guy riding w/ this crazy bike helmet w/ a face protector.

Not like a BMX / Downhill helmet but like a regular helmet w/ a wacky face mask. Anyone ever seen one of these jolly boys before? Artist's rendering:Read More »

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