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Pure* Dry Lube

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Product Description

Ideal for dry road riding with low rolling resistance. Resists water penetration and wash-off.

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Aero or light wheelset for dry/grass/hard pack CX racing

Hello fellow members, Quick question here, didn't find my answer within the forums. Currently looking to purchase or build a racing wheel set for the remaining CX season. Racing in SoCal so our CX courses aren't very wet at all. Most are dry, hard pack, lots of grass, little sand I want to ... Read More »

Tire - Michelin Pro3 - is whitish. Is this normal or are they dry rotted?

I purchased Michelin Pro3 for the first time and while putting them on I noticed they are a little whitish when stretched. This is my first time using any Michelin tires; I have been using Gatorskins before. Are these dry rotted or is this normal for Michelin Pro3? In photo: I have a Gatorskin (ab ... Read More »

SEPA in the Dry

My plan worked out and the trip home was worth the wet commute in the morning. Here are some shots going the other way. Enjoy. Construction going on right by my office [img]http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u316/pdesign1/bc13.jpg[/img] Oldest house I pass on my commute - The Beehive 1704 [ ... Read More »

Speedplay cleat maintenance, dry lubrication ?

On a pair of SP zero pedals I'm unclear on where to put the dry lubrication between the the puck and cleat. Is it just the black hanger spring or do you apply lubrication to the yellow part of the cleat platform as well? Thanks.Read More »

Road salt on dry roads

Quick question - I just got a new road bike and was thinking about taking it out tomorrow, but I started to wonder if I shouldn't because of road salt. I'm assuming the roads will be completely dry, but there's still some white residue on the road, from a rain event four or five days ago. I'd be on ... Read More »

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