Rock-N-Roll Extreme Lube

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Rock-N-Roll Extreme PTFE Chain Lube 16oz: Extreme lube for all cycling applications. Great for muddy, wet, dusty conditions. PTFE solids delivered through an evaporative carrier.

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VIDEO: Valtellina Extreme Brevet;Stambecco level:345km+8998 m:Mortirolo,Gavia,Stelvio

Hello ! I edited my first cycling video of my bicycle tour that I had this year (1828 km + 39441 m). This video is about a hard cycling event (extreme level), that I cycled by my touring bike: [B]Valtellina Extreme Brevet.[/B] [B]The stambecco level was 345 km long with 8998 m heightdiff [/B]with l ... Read More »

Need more riding time? Special offer on the Extreme 1200 cycle lights

We are kick of the year with two great offers on cycle lights. Extreme 1200 MKII + Red Tail light R975 now R845 The Extreme 1200 has seen several quality upgrades over the past year. Notably the battery pack and pouch as well as the chargers is now SABS approved. This tested and tried light is pe ... Read More »

Question for those that have tried both Squirt and Rock n Roll Extreme chain lubes

Been using Squirt for a few months. I love the super smooth feel of a chain freshly lubed with Squirt. I have not found another lube that compares in this respect. However, the smoothness quickly degrades after several rides. I also don't like the waxy buildup on my drivetrain. I'm interested in ... Read More »

GM: Wrist-tapping (with extreme prejudice)

[URL=""]"General Motors[/URL] Co. [URL=""]GM -1.05%[/URL] agreed to pay a $35 million fine to settle a U.S. auto-safety ... Read More »

extreme fatigue

Called in sick today, just b/c I couldn't get out of bed on time. Thought it would help to sleep in a bit- but no. Even after about 6hrs (total) sleep, I feel like I should go back to bed- it's around 10:30am. No other symptoms, not "that time of month" either. Been getting to work late a lot these ... Read More »

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