Tri-Flow Aerosol Lube

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Product Description

Tri-Flow Superior Lubricant that you know and love now in a convenient aerosol spray. Ideal for chain lubrication in all conditions SHIPPING RESTRICTION This item is classified ?ORM-D? and cannot be shipped via air. It can only ...

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Aerosol lube for spinning bikes

what do you recommend? Will WD-40 be fine? EDIT: besides, Tir-Flow and Boesheild. Something cheap!Read More »

Aerosol solvents and cleaners

A friend at my lbs recommended trying Finishline speed cleaner for cleaning the chain, cassette and rims. Its a heavy duty solvent in an aerosol. I am a little worried about aiming high pressure solvent anywhere near my bike, particularly the hubs. Is this a legitimate concern? Am I better off s ... Read More »

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