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WD-40 Bike Wet Lube

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Product Description

WD-40 BIKE Wet Lube. The new line of WD-40 BIKE products was developed for riders who love keeping their rig in top condition whether it?s on the move or standing still. The proprietary formulation of the wet lubricant goes on wet and stays wet as a durab

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Cleaning wet/dirty bike?

What's the best method? I hosed mine down then toweled mostly dry and sprayed half a can of triflow on anything that might rust, then wiped most of it off. There has to be a better/easier wayRead More »

Soaking wet bike

I rode the Wisconsin Centurion today. The 100 mile was canceled and the start was delayed 2 hours by thunderstorms featuring hail, torential rain and 50mph gusts. It was lightly raining when we rolled out and continued to rain most of the way. It freakin poured at about the 25 mile mark. The sun fin ... Read More »

Wet weather bike tips

Hi there: I'm new to road ridding, just went out to ride and the roads where wet,:eek: what should I do to the bike after the ride? what are the important things to look at after a wet ride? thanks for your inputRead More »

which bike to ride in bad/wet weather?

And why? Situation: I'm moving to North Carolina in January and will be there for awhile (at least a year, maybe permanently). I cannot bring all of my road bikes because of living space issues. I ride daily and won't see much snow or salt, but will see wet road and winter grime. I'm going to ... Read More »

Wet bike... what to do?

I rode in a tour yesterday in Ft. Worth Texas and it was absolutely pouring rain. Then, the bike road in my truck on the way home, also in a rain storm. So, needless to say, it's a wet bike! The bike is a carbon Giant. Aside from lubing the chain, is there anything else I need to do to the bik ... Read More »

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