White Lightning Race Day Lube

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Epic Ride is an excellent all-conditions bicycle lubricant that satisfies the demands of road and off-road cyclists. Epic ride is a superior chain...

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The Day Mommy Almost Won A Bike Race

[url]https://eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/blazin-saddles/[/url]Read More »

2014 Race Day Tires (clincher)

It's that time of year where I'm getting my setup together for racing season. I'm always down to try something new, never been committed to any one brand/tire. I prefer 25mm tires, but I'll consider a 24mm. What looks good this year?Read More »

Bad idea to do a HIIT session the day after a race?

Hey guys, so I just had a quick question in regards to training. [COLOR=#000000][FONT=verdana]Is it a bad idea to do a 1hr HIIT session the day after a crit race? The crit is part of the local training series so it's only about 30min long but it's no walk in the park. I don't feel particularly exhau ... Read More »

Bad idea to do a HIIT secession the day after a race?

Hey guys, you guys think it would be too much to do a high intensity interval training the day after a crit race? If I'm to follow my training schedule (that I just made up), that is what I will be doing. Quickly, her is a snapshot of my training: Mon- HIIT secession Tues- Hard Temp Ride Wed- Rest ... Read More »

Day-Before-Race Warm up?

Hey Guys, I was just wondering what you guys do the day before a crit race. I have heard that doing a kind of "warm up" or "opener" the day before is a good idea to keep your legs fresh and ready to race. The thing is, I've heard conflicting opinions on what is ideal to do. I have heard doing a shor ... Read More »

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