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Backpack for the roadbike. Any recommendations?

In response to the commuting/ heavy travel style answers, let me clarify why I asked the question here, and not in the commuting forum. -This is for use on my main roadbike. That is outfitted for the sport and not for travel (rack is not an option). -The packs suggested in the commuting forum are n ... Read More »

Best backpack for all-weather commuting

I am considering getting a decent backpack instead of panniers on a rear rack for commuting. I want it to carry my dress clothes and work supplies. It should also be decent enough to take to a meeting. Does anyone have experience with these (or other suggestion)? 1.) Chrome: Welded Rucksack [ ... Read More »

what DSLR laptop backpack should I get?

I often need to have my Nikon DSLR and my 13" Mac laptop (might get a 15" soon though) with me for work stuff. Here are the backpacks I'm looking at on Amazon This one looks good but not weatherproof [url=http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000YIYQ30/ref=s9_simh_gw_p421_d0_i1]Amazon.com: Lowepr ... Read More »

Favorite backpack or messenger bag

I ride most days to work. Currently the ride is short, around 5 minutes. I will be relocating soon and it will probably get longer. I also sold my hybrid so ride my road or cross bike most days. The point I am getting to is the backpack I used on my hybrid is not comfortable on my road or cross b ... Read More »

Pannier or Backpack?

Pannier or Backpack?. This might a trivial question for experienced cyclists. In fact, a numbers of people still ask the question. It's obviously depend on the loads and distance. But, anyone know how the ideal loads and distance to use a backpack and pannier? In my assumption, for less than 9lbs ... Read More »

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