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Timbuk2 Commute Bag

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How can I commute?

Well my unemployment is finally coming to an end. Before the layoff, I had a 7 mile commute and enjoyed being able to ride in. Now I have a 45 mile commute, and not strong enough to do this. So I was thinking of driving most of the way, and riding the last 10 miles or so, but there are no park an ... Read More »

NNC: the commute

Been working here for a little more than a year now and today was my first bike commute. last friday my car died and i've been working from home, but i have meetings today and tomorrow, so, i decided instead of renting a car while mine gets fixed, i'll ride my bike. 1. the bike commute is 1 mi ... Read More »

Commute Frame Advice

A little background for some context as to where I am coming from: I commute 3-5 days per week ranging from 10 miles total to 30 miles total (all relatively flat). As of now I have been riding a CAAD10 which doubles as my road bike for regular rides and I am pretty happy with the roadie for commut ... Read More »

Commute E-bike or Scooter?

Let me start by saying I have no plain to buy ether. But I am interested in seeing more people get out go their cars. E-bikes have become really popular in Europe. But they don't seem to be taking off in the US. In most places you can't ride them on a bike path because they are considered a motorize ... Read More »

Do you wear a bicycle helmet to commute?

I've been doing a lot of research on cycling as I think I want to take it up for the commute to work (5miles) and as a way to get around the city. I won't be cycling on trails or anything bumpy so it'll just be on the road. So far, I've discovered that not only is wearing a helmet optional, but th ... Read More »

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