Crank Brothers Sterling Pump

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Crank Brothers Sterling L & S Mini Pump Crank Brothers is known for making high quality and innovative products. Their tools and pumps are not exception. The Sterling L and S mini pumps are great pumps for mountain and road. With a max pr...

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Sterling Constitutionality

How is the NBA able to force a sale of the Clippers from Stirling? Isn't it his constitutional right to say whatever the heck he wants?Read More »

The Donald Sterling Legacy ----

Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, has signed an agreement to purchase the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion, ESPN and CNN reported on Thursday. Don Sterling acquired the Clippers for about $3 Million and a $10 million loan a few decades ago. Good for Sterling ---- now go away and ... Read More »

Intolerance: Sterling vs Shaq

I guess it matters what race you are. [url=]Shaquille O'Neal insults Detroit man with rare disorder; 'Hug Don't Judge' campaign goes viral |[/url] I dont' see the outcry or endorsements ... Read More »

INTOLERANCE: Donald Sterling vs. Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Last month, conservative commentators were [URL=""]up in arms[/URL] over the "intolerance" Brandeis showed in rescinding an invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali to receive an honorary degree after i ... Read More »

Time for a new helmet; Rudy Project Sterling or Las Victory?

I'm ready for a new helmet. I currently have a Specialized Prevail and have tried on the Sterling by Rudy Project and the Las Victory. Both fit really well and they both have a nice low profile. Any thoughts on either lid? Thanks in advance.Read More »

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