Dekerf Cycle Innovations Ultraflate Plus Pump

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Product Description

Sleek and efficient,The Ultraflate Plus will haveThatTube upTo its recommended PSI in noTime, so you can get backTo riding. Works well with bothThreaded and non-threadedCO2 cartridges, as well as Big Air!Trigger ControlledTechnologyBuilt inTrigger Lock prevents accidental dischargeHeavy duty design and constructionWorks with both Presta and Schrader valvesIncludes one, 16 gram non-threaded CO2 cartridgeLimited Lifetime WarrantyMade inThe USA One(1) 16g cartridge can fill one(1) 700x23cTireTo 13

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Ultraflate Plus: Should I insert cartridge now, puncture, and leave it like that?

or should it be punctured just before using??? If the latter, is it possible to keep it in the unit without puncturing, or do I need to keep the cartridge and ultraflate separate? ThanksRead More »

Innovations Ultraflate Plus

[url][/url] $9.99, I ordered it from nashbar and they price matched it.Read More »

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