Fox Head HP Pump

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High pressure air pump for forks and frame shocks. 360 degree swivel hose, tap-bleeder, Schrader valve.

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Weight limit for Colnago C40 HP?

Is anyone aware of any weight limits for a 2004 C40 HP??Read More »

HP Wall of Shame

oh dear... [url=]Political Hypocrites: A Look At Politicians Who Deserve A Lump Of Coal For Christmas (SLIDESHOW)[/url]Read More »

Proprietary anything sucks. HP's ePrint especially

I stopped buying Sony products a long time ago because so much of their stuff required proprietary accessories that were useless with other things. We got an HP all in one a while ago and haven't had to use the scanner function yet as we have a dedicated Epson flatbed that works wonderfully. W ... Read More »

What bb thread for a C40 HP

Hi Guys, Doing a bit of restoration on my C40 HP. Does anyone know what kind of BB they take? ie. Is it Italian or English threaded? ThanksRead More »

Centaur Crank for my Dream HP

Excuse me Salsa Lover for borrowing your title. The Ultegra crank just didn't look right on my Colnago. I just got a good deal on a Campy Centaur Carbon Crank. Take a look:Read More »

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