Planet Bike CO2 Cartridge Pump

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Planet Bike 12/16 GramThreaded CO2. Unit of Sale: 3 Pack CartridgeType:Threaded SHIPPING RESTRICTIONThis item is classified “ORM-D” and cannot be shipped via air. It can only be shipped via ground shipping methods. If you addThis itemTo your cart,The list of available shipping methods will be reduced. For more variety of shipping options, consider removingThis item from your cart (or placing a separate order using a ground shipping method.)

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What Do You Guys Think Of CO2 Cartridge Bike Pumps?

I have a small hand pump clipped onto my bike and spare inner tubes, patch kits, and tools for flats. I even just recently bought a Joe Blow Pro floor pump with the pressure gauge on it, which is AWESOME, by the way. One problem is in NY City, I tend to get more flats on my new road bike than I do ... Read More »

CO2 cartridge in checked-in luggage on plane

I am flying today and have a few CO2 cartridges in my checked in luggage (NOT going on-board with me or going through security). any issues with this?Read More »

12g CO2 cartridge enough?

is 12g enough to get a 23c tire to 90 PSI reliably every time? (I'm using a Portland Design CO2 inflator which does not seem to leak air like many other inflators do as you fumble around). I'm 130 lbs and 90 psi is all I need. Seeing how a 12g cartridge is like half the price of a 16g cartridge, I ... Read More »

Topeak CO2 Bra inflator cartridge question

Just picked up replacement cartridges (16g threaded food grade MOSA) on eBay and thought I got a great deal - too bad they don't work. The seller assured me they would but the CO2 comes out the bottom of the inflator head not through the valve stem barrrel. [url= ... Read More »

Whats your opinion on using a 12g CO2 Cartridge for a 25mm Tire for Flats?

I have been searching the forums trying to find someone that is using the 12g CO2 Cartridges for fixing flats but all I see is the debates for 23mm tires... Because of my weight of 250lbs I am switching from 23mm to 25mm Gator Skins and would like to know if I can get away with using some 12g carts ... Read More »

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