Planet Bike Ozone Pump

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Take the guesswork out of your on-trail repairs: this Planet Bike pump features in integrated gauge so you can inflate to just the right pressure. T-handle for comfortable pumping Works for both presta and schrader valves ...

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It's an ozone Orange Alert day in Dallas.

Last night I went for an easy nnc and it was so... friggin... hot... it wasn't so much the convection oven blasting every pore of my parched skin; what got to me was the searing lazer heat of the sun, burning right through my skin so I could feel it heating up my internal organs. I could barely ... Read More »

Climate / Ozone - Fredke plz comment?

"Some of the substances that are helping to avert the destruction of the ozone layer could increasingly contribute to climate warming, according to scientists from NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory and their colleagues in a new study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Scienc ... Read More »

Cheaper Alternatives for Elite Ozone type products?

I'm interested in finding some alternatives to Elite Ozone products. I want a medium strength warming cream for before I ride.. and/or a post ride warming cream to ease muscle soreness. Bengay doesn't work well and it smells too much. I've tried many of the muscle rubs in the local stores but nothin ... Read More »

CFL,ozone and tires

Are CFL (compact flourescent light) bulbs bad for tires indoors? Do they produce ozone like regular flourescent fixtures? Because I am storing tires indoors and I have CFl light.Read More »

ozone issues/lung capacity??

Not sure if I'm encountering ground level ozone issues on long rides... :confused: Washington, DC area.. I realize that if I'm biking in 100 degree heat and on a bad ozone day (level RED) , my lungs get pretty wasted after a little bit - and I can no longer take full breaths or else I wil ... Read More »

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