Planet Bike Peace Pump

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You can be at peace with your flat repairs with Planet Bike's Peace Pumps. These great inflators are light and powerful thanks to an aluminum barrel,...

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Terrorism. War and peace. Obama's speech.

Isn't this great! Obama is having pangs of conscience on his drone strikes, wants to send Yemenis back home and close Gitmo, and redefine US strategy on fighting terrorist groups like AQ, ending the "war on terrorism" conflated after 9/11. About time. :yesnod:Read More »

WAR ON DRUGS: OAS nations wonder if it's time to sue for peace

Just in case some of you stoners spaced last Friday afternoon, and missed this: LIMA, Peru (AP) -- An Organization of American States study released Friday is calling for a serious discussion on legalizing marijuana. Drug policy reform advocates called the report historic, though it made no sp ... Read More »

Political Bed Fellows: The "Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity"

Oh....My.....Well any doubt that Ron Paul was a nut just got put aside I think. [QUOTE=Daily Beast] [h=1]The Ron Paul Institute: Be Afraid, Very Afraid[/h][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Times New Roman][I][FONT=inherit]by[/FONT] [URL=""]James Kirch ... Read More »

Peace Love Life

What is everyone so afraid of?Read More »

Peace on Earth, and goodwill toward.....

.....well, I don't know who, but it certainly wasn't toward me. And you should have seen the fur fly when I asked him to put some salt or something on the inch of ice which formed from all the water which dripped off his roof and flooded his half of the driveway, in order that I might shovel my s ... Read More »

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