Planet Bike Peace Pump

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You can be at peace with your flat repairs with Planet Bike's Peace Pumps. These great inflators are light and powerful thanks to an aluminum barrel,...

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Mr. Peace Prize

He's pushing for war again. But hey, I guess we need to nurture the next boogie man. [url=]White House steps up pressure on Congress to arm Syria rebels | TheHill[/url]Read More »

PEACE: One company's vision

Perennial peaceniks and marketers of Axe body spray, the Dutch (i.e., Unilever), offer this take on world peace: Worth the 1:00. This is being used for the Super Bowl, but I can see it having legs for St. Valentine's Day, too.Read More »

Republicans Fear Obama Will Bring Peace To The Middle East!!!

Even with all the opposition the Republicans throw on Obama it looks like we are on the road to Middle East peace, at least a good start in the right direction. While not a total success, Obama's, I mean Romney's ACA, is a great start to laying more groundwork for a successful health care program. ... Read More »

Nobel Peace Prize: Putin nominated

[url=]Russia?s Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize - Washington Times[/url] OBama got it for hope & change.... the people that nominated Putin did because he actually did something....Read More »

Nobel Peace Prize Winner : Making case to kill people

Please note, orginal name of thread : Nobel Peace Prize Winner : Making case to kill people It was changed for some unknown reason. Couple of thoughts, 1) France is only other country supporting Mr Obama's thirst to bomb. You know something is out of wack if France is in? 2) Wea ... Read More »

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