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best compact Pump for clincher 404

Not having much luck with buying a decent compact pumpRead More »

How to put together a presta pump?

Hi folks I'm a mid 30s guy getting back into biking. Haven't had a ridable bike since I sold my road bike in 2000. I got one recently that uses presta valves. I have a pump from my old days - pieces are in the photo. I can't remember how to put he pieces in to use it. So there is the head/hand ... Read More »

airace pump

hi, i need help, i have a Airace Infinity Sport Steel Track Pump. lately im having problem, when i inflate my conti tubular tyre, using a valve extender, when it reach around 100psi, it blow away the lock (i hope you get what i mean) is it because of the valve, or the pump? also, i try to inf ... Read More »

Beto floor pump compatiblity with Lezyne hose?

I have a Beto floor pump that works well but dislike its quick slip head/chuck. I was wondering if the pump could be fitted with Lezyne’s hose in order to get a threaded chuck. Anyone know if the interior and outer diameters would make them compatible? Thanks.Read More »

I need a new floor pump - help!

Tried the search function, but most results are very outdated, so nothing really new to review. My old Ascent has seen better days, so I'm in search of something that's a good balance between cost/reliability that will support both presta and shrader valved tubes. Ok RBR, give me your suggestion ... Read More »

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