Portland Design Works CO2 Inflator Pump

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The Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 Inflator is constructed from the ever-durable aluminum alloy. And considering that it's smaller in stature than a CO2 cartridge, there's no reason to be stranded with a flat -- that is, unless you forgot a tube. Hey, things happen. But the Shiny Object's clever design makes it something that we carry almost solely to show off after situations of duress. The Object threads onto 16g CO2 cartridges, and it features a control knob to regulate CO2 output. The operation is a breeze. Simply, turn the knob clockwise to close the valve, thread on your CO2, and then turn the knob counter-clockwise to inflate your tube. The inflator is compatible with both Presta and Schrader. We know that you'll be glad to have it around.The Portland Design Works Shiny Object CO2 Inflator is available in one size and one color. It's compatible with 16g threaded CO2 cartridges and both Presta and Schrader valve types.

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Looking to buy first co2 inflator need advice

So after having a pump for a while im considering switching over to co2. I've done a lot of research and it seems as though genuine innovations is a popular choice. I picked out the ultraflate plus kit and was wondering your opinions on it. [url=http://www.genuineinnovations.com/bicycle/commuter-t ... Read More »

Looking to buy a Co2 inflator, any tips or words of wisdom?

Not sure of what is what with how they work. Looking for a simple, basic and light weight. Would like to know what to look for and to avoid. Any help on using them would be appreciated! Thanks DonRead More »

Best CO2 Inflator?

I lost my inflator. I tend to carry just one cartridge so I want something very reliable. Whether it costs $12 or $24 I don't care. Cheaper than a taxi home. I want reliability and fool proof, no-leak operation. Looking at a few options: Lezyne makes nice stuff. With housing: [url=http://ww ... Read More »

CO2 inflator

I've always used bike pumps but I'm going to get a CO2 inflator to use with my new bike. Any recommendations?Read More »

Topeak CO2 Bra inflator cartridge question

Just picked up replacement cartridges (16g threaded food grade MOSA) on eBay and thought I got a great deal - too bad they don't work. The seller assured me they would but the CO2 comes out the bottom of the inflator head not through the valve stem barrrel. [url=http://www.ebay.com/itm/150776681 ... Read More »

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