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SKS Rennkompressor Floor Pump

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MSRP : $59.95

Product Description

The SKS Rennkompressor has been one of the most popular pumps internationally for the last 40 years. Features like a 230 psi maximum and E.V.A. head that is compatible with presta, schrader and Dunlop valves make the SKS Renkompressor stan...

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SKS Rennkompressor floor pump

I have a 35 year old SKS pump and the barrel comes out of the cast iron base. I can reinsert it and it'll work for a little while but it comes out again. It is just a pressure fit -- no threads. Any know of a solution?Read More »

Basic Floor Pump or Used Rennkompressor Track Pump For Same Price?

I have a chance to buy a lightly used SKS Rennkompressor for about the same price a new Joe Blow Max II or Blackburn TP-2 would cost. The SKS is supposed to be a very well built pump but I don't need track pressures. Which would you take, and why? PS: I would have to get a new valve hea ... Read More »

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