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Topeak Morph Pump

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MSRP : $22.99

Product Description

-All Morph models feature the portability of a hand pump with the convenience of a floor pump style fold-down foot pad. -All have an extra long hose, butted aluminum barrel, padded elastomer T-handle, Thumblock lever for airtight seal, convertible Schrader and Presta head and an anywhere-on-frame mounting bracket -TZ-4225: Mountain Morph without gauge -TZ-4224: Turbo Morph with flip-out dial gauge -TZ-4230: Road Morph G with inline gauge

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Topeak Road Morph G repair

looking for a hard to find repair kit (TRK-RP01) or does anyone know the OD/ID? any ideas or advice appreciatedRead More »

Frame pump or Topeak Road Morph?

Hey guys, I'm debating on getting a pump peg welded on my bike for a frame pump beneath the top tube. I kind of like the cleaner look of the frame pump. My other thought was getting a Topeak Road Morph pump and mounting it on the underside of the downtube. I like the the road morph since it ca ... Read More »

Topeak Road Morph

Hello, I just recently picked up the Topeak Road Morph as I was in need of a decent frame pump. I currently have it installed on the top tube using the supplied bracket and zip ties. I'm concerned about the zip ties scratching up the frame over time, but I'm not willing to sacrifice one of my bot ... Read More »

topeak master blaster or morph

topeak carbon micro rocket master blaster or road morph. the carbon is light, looks fragile. road morph is heavier, with feet and hose. has anyone tried the carbon?Read More »

29er cross morph

Putting drop bars on my 29er.Was inspired by fat tire Soulcraft cross bike at Portland show. Questions... 160 disc for front and 140(I have one) disc for rear? Change stem length? towerscumRead More »

Read More »



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